Miami Tour

December in Florida, USA

What we do

we take you to compete in some of the most prestigious junior tournaments of the world!!!


  • Registration in the tournaments according to the level of each player.
  • Accompaniment and coaching in all tournaments.
  • Personalized organization of the tournament calendars, maximizing the number of weekly matches / tournaments.


  • Own transport driven by our staff.
  • From and to the training sessions and tournaments.


  • High performance tennis training, including physical sessions, technical talks and game tactics.
  • Two (2) or three (3) weekly tournaments.
  • Discussions of strategy prior to matches.
  • Analysis of post-match results.


  • Contact with university coaches for future scholarships.


  • Fully equipped apartments with heated pool.
  • Gym equipped with the latest equipment, physiotherapy room and recovery in the building.


During the last period of the year, Miami receive players from all over the world that come to Florida to compete in some of the most prestigious tournaments, from junior to open, such as the Orange Bowl, UTR Evert Academy, Casely, among others!

Why Miami
Because of the high quantity of tournaments Miami offers during this period of the year.
Who can participate
Any player from 9 years old and above. There are tournaments U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and Open.
Anytime between mid November and 22nd.
Fully equipped houses with pool and everything we need to make our players feel comfortable, located just minutes away from the tournaments.
What we do for you
  • Provide physical training, technical advice, accommodation and transportation.
  • Organize your calendar with Two (2) or three (3) tournaments per weeks.
  • Take you to the tournaments.
  • Talks before and after the matches.
  • 24 hour supervision 7 days of the week.
  • Contacts universities for future scholarships.
What do you need to do
  • Reserve your spot.
  • Get your travel insurance.
  • Get your visa (If needed).
  • Book your flight.
Our players have the opportunity to improve their technique and gain experience playing competitive tennis in the tournaments of the American Tennis Federation.


French Tour

The French tennis circuit is by far the best in the world. There are over 5000 tournaments per summer, open to level and age, and all of them have prizes for winners.


Study with a sports scholarship in the United States.


Personalized ATP / WTA / ITF / COSAT
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