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We try to make the recruitment process as stress-free as possible.
Each player is a different case.

CTU Tennis provides a tailored recruitment service for each of our players, aiming to alleviate the stress often associated with the process. Recognizing that each player is unique, alongside ctu tennis we offer personalized guidance to assist athletes in creating their presentation videos, biographies or resumes, and navigating the clearinghouse process with the NCAA and NAIA. Based in the USA, this company collaborates primarily with reputable university coaches, ensuring our clients have access to trusted resources. Additionally, we offer assistance with visa applications for those seeking to enter the United States. At CTU Tennis, they not only guarantee a scholarship at an American University but also deliver the most effective and personalized recruitment process.

Carlos cobos

Carlos cobos

President of CTU Tennis, Director of Match Point Tennis

Gustavo Gómez

Gustavo Gómez

Business Associate, CEO at GGCTF

alberto galante

alberto galante

Business Associate CEO at GBR Tennis

javier viccia

javier viccia

South America Representative ITF L2 Certified

5 month course

We give you the opportunity to come to train in the United States.

Our tennis program is directed by the Match Point Tennis Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide intense tennis, physical and mental training.

We have an excellent group of coaches and players. At the same time we provide an intensive SAT  and TOEFL  course for those players who need a strong preparation of English. For the period of 5 months, players will be exposed to a life very similar to the one they will take in college.

This course has approximately 20 hours between English and mathematics. College coaches will be invited to observe our players. This will allow them to know the tennis player in detail. CTU also provides housing, transportation and visits to Universities. Our goal is that after completing the 5 months the player has the exams exempted and scholarship with the selected university signed.

Match Point Tennis

Our system is based on a strong foundation of all the hits, mobility, mental training and work ethic. No matter where your tennis level is, we take care of scheduling your work routine to improve day by day. Our work is very personalized and we stand out for the development of players that today are in the elite of university tennis. Example, Alex Martin, USC, Sam Edwards, Clemson, Nick Wood, UGA. The objective of this program is to develop the player in all its aspects (technically, tactically, psychologically and physically). At Match Point Tennis Academy we prepare you to meet your goals. We are specialized in working the game with many international players who have difficulty playing on fast courts. The adaptation takes time but it always becomes concrete.


Our follow-up program consists of the preparation of our tennis players from the age of 14.

Through academic, tennis and English planning, we will seek to make the simplest path to the best American University. 

Gwinnett Tech College

Gwinnett Tech has worked focusing on the education of various careers and the English language in the last 30 years. 

GTC provides assistance in all academic steps that a student needs to complete before entering college.

Has experienced teachers in the GED area for students to obtain the secondary certificate. At the same time, it has the best TOEFL / SAT program in the south of the USA. 

Intensive Campus in USA

Intensive camps in the United States consist of working intensively for short periods.

These camps consist of English classes, tennis training, visits to universities and USTA  or ITA tournaments.
The meetings can be from 1 to 9 weeks. 

Tour of Visits

This program is for those players who are interested in learning more about University life in the United States.

On this tour, players test in front of coaches, learn from the routines of a university athlete and have the opportunity to know part of the United States. 

This tour takes place in the American spring, summer and fall. At the same time, it includes training at Match Point Tennis in Atlanta, GA. CTU provides home, hotel and transportation on all trips. This 6 week tour will allow players to get to know and expose themselves to American life and culture. At the same time, this can be a great opportunity to find the university and scholarship of your dreams.

Our players have the opportunity to improve their technique and gain experience playing competitive tennis in the United States tournaments.



The French tennis circuit is by far the best in the world. There are over 5000 tournaments per summer, open to level and age, and all of them have prizes for winners.


During the last period of the year, Miami receive players from all over the world that come to Florida to compete in some of the most prestigious tournaments, from junior to open, such as the Orange Bowl, UTR Evert Academy, Casely, among others!


Personalized ATP / WTA / ITF / COSAT / Pre seasons in Argentina

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